Introduce the Production Process
1.What’s inside the pork Egg roll?
It’s chopped cabbage,celery,minced pork and peanut butter inside.

2.What’s in house special fried rice ?
It’s fried rice mixed with chicken,roast pork,Shrimp and vegetables.

3.What does “Moo Goo Gai Pan ” mean ?
“Moo Goo” means mushroom,
“Gai Pan”means sliced chicken.
Both are the chinese pronunciation .
It also has bokchoy and Snow Peas in it and is sauteed in white sauce.

4.What is a dumpling ?
A dumpling is typical chinese food with over a thousand years of history. There are choped cabbage,pork and ginger inside.It’s wrapped up with non-stick dough. Steamed,fried or whatever you want.

5.What is “Egg foo young ”?
“ foo young ” is a kind of fried egg cake.there are vegetables,meat and egg in it.After it is deep-fried,grovy sauce with on the side.

6.What ’s Shrimp toast ?
It’s toast coved with a ground mixture of Pork,Shrimp,waterchenut Celery and then deep-fried in fat.It has a fragrant smell when it is done.

7.What ’s “mei fun ”?
It’s true chinese noodles.It’s a small ,thin noodle and stir-fried with vegetables and meat.

8.Lo mein and chow mein always confused me,what’s the difference?
Lo mein is a soft noodle,that’s stir-fried with vegetables and meat in brawn sauce.But chow mein is not a noodle,it’s vegetables and meat of your choice,sauteed in white sauce (or brown sauce ),it also comes with fried noodles on the side.

9.How do you prepare Kung Pao chicken?
It is a blend of diced white meat chicken with mixed vegetables sauteed in Hot spicy sauce and topped with roast Peanuts.

10.Could you tell me how you cook the “Moo Shu Pork ”?
Shredded pork,cabbage,scrambled egg and a few other vegetables are stir-fried every with moo shu sauce and the wrapped a moo shu Pancoke with hoisin sauce to eat.

11.How do you make “General TSO’s chicken ”?
First, we marinate Chuncks of chicken in special Seasoning, then coat it with cornstarch,deep-fry in oil until golden brown and crispy.then stir-fry with sweet sour hot spicy sauce. And we combine the chicken with steamed broccoli to serve.

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